5 thoughts on “What do I do with all these cards?”

  1. Well, I must admit that I have used that same technique with other kinds of organization. For example I always put my ammo in the left pocket, I’m right handed. Glad to see this idea has a lot of different and useful applications. One final observation, or question actually…. are you really fun in real life, or are you really fun in fake life?

  2. Great tip! I hate when I’m at an event wearing something without pockets. This can be a challenge for women.

    I do try to separate the cards at the event since I usually have promised a few individuals that I’ll make an introduction for them or send them a resource. I want to make sure I follow up with these folks immediately.

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  3. That is an interesting tip and I must figure out how to do the sorting at the event itself in case I don’t have pockets in my dress or suit. Normally, when I get home from the event, I make a note of where I met the person on the back of the card and if I have had a meaningful conversation at the event, I immediately send them an invitation on LinkedIn. Seems to work well so far.

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