Do you fight with your network over sushi?

30 Second Networking Tip #63

You can’t treat everyone in your network the same. If you think of them as numbers then you’re likely to miss out on a lot of the biggest benefits of networking.


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Are you a networking robot?

30 Second Networking Tip #62

If you come across like a networking automaton when you network you might just be pushing people away and not even realize it’s happening.

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Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 30 Second Networking Tip #47

Got 30 seconds?

I’ll give you a tip to make your professional networking more productive.



Send thank you notes to people you actually talk to. A personalized message saying it was nice to talk to you is always a good idea. When you have a good conversation with someone you usually want to continue that conversation… especially when you’re networking. Dropping them onto a generic email list is pretty impersonal. Whether it’s a physical thank you card or an email, be brief, be positive and make sure to include your contact information in case they want to get in touch with you. Don’t pester people after an event, but showing an interest in someone you meet and interact with can go a long way to opening the door to another conversation the next time you run into them.

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