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some of Eric's better known clients

Are You really getting the most out of Business Networking?

If you are frustrated that your networking efforts aren't paying off then you've come to the right place. Many other professionals feel the same way. You go to events, you exchange lots of business cards, you deliver your elevator speech.

And yet... something is still missing.

You're not getting more business. You're not meeting the right people. The meetings you do have often don't lead anywhere. You're tired of spending time and money on events, coffee chats, and one-on-one meetings that don't bring you customers or the referrals you need.

Networking is supposed to lead you to profitable relationships with people who can make a difference in your business... not totally waste your time and leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted and discouraged.

Networking is a Process...

Know the Process and You'll Know What to Do Every Time

Many people don't realize that there are 5 Stages in the Networking Process. Whenever you are networking for business you are moving through these stages, whether you know it or not. If you don't know how the process works then how are you supposed to know what to do at each stage? That can kill your momentum and prevent you from making connections with people you meet in professional situations. The answer is to understand the process of business networking so you know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it... anywhere, any time.

You want to make networking work.

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You can learn how to network more effectively. There's a lot going on when you meet someone. If you're not sure what to do you're missing opportunities. Stop fighting the natural networking process, and start working intentionally with it. You will improve your ability to connect and create massive results for your business.

"But I already know how to network..."

Maybe you've been networking for a while... you've got the basics down. But could you be better? Perhaps you just need some help refining your approach. It's possible you're struggling with a particular area of the process. Focusing attention on improving that one thing can make the difference between a nice chat and scheduling that important follow up appointment with a new client.

It's not about meeting more people...    

it's about meeting the RIGHT people.

The question is, are you making the most of opportunities to meet the people you can connect with? Are you getting in front of the people who you can build profitable relationships with? Relationships that transform your business?

Many people are just following an outdated model of networking.

(You know, the one that looks like this)

The Tired Old Model of Professional Networking

  • Randomly pick an event to attend. Too often we aren't sure where to go to meet the people who matter. So we just go to any event or meeting. Maybe our friends are going, so we tag along. Or worse, we try to go to them ALL. That can quickly lead to fatigue, frustration and maybe even networking burnout.
  •  Deliver your elevator speech and give out lots of cards. The more cards you hand out the better right? Wrong! Cards don't get meetings, connections get meetings. If you're not connecting when you network you are just increasing the size of your business card collection. We'll talk about the elevator speech later.
  • Spend days or weeks trying to 'follow up' with people. Once you've left the event you usually have a bunch of names and numbers. So you send them emails, leave them voice mail messages... and too often get nothing in return. The problem isn't that business networking is a numbers game, it's that you didn't connect!
Business Cards

The Secret Lies in the 5-Stage Networking Process.

Most things we do in business are part of some kind of process. This is also true for business networking. When you meet people and get to know then you walk through the same process we all use to develop contacts into relationships.

When you know what process to follow you know what to do regardless of what stage you're in with someone. When you can do the right thing at the right time you improve your chances of connecting with those you meet. Then those connections also have a higher probability of turning into real, meaningful, profitable relationships for you.

Connecting is the Key to Networking...

No Connection = No Relationship

We all want to connect with people, it's in our nature. Human beings are social creatures. Even if you are shy or introverted you have an innate, genetic ability to form relationships with other people.

We all network whether we know it or not...

The trick is to do it with purpose... how we meet someone, get to know them, and determine if this is a person we can form a relationship with... and determine if the interest is mutual. Relationship is a two way interaction. You know what I mean. Someone is desperate to get a meeting with you because he thinks you'd be the perfect client. That's totally one-sided and it will never lead to a relationship. Relationships involve both parties equally... it's not selfish. That's why conversations and connections are so important to building profitable relationships when you network professionally.

Follow this process and you WILL meet more people...

not only that, you will get more follow up meetings.

Because that's really one of the secrets to networking. When you meet someone and there's a "click" you need to be able to explore it further. That means you need to meet again so you can find out if there's more there. That's what moves the process forward. That's what enables you to really get to know people so you can determine if you can help them, or they can help you, or you can help each other... THAT's the key.

If you don't get the meeting you can't move the conversation forward

We can help you do that

our goal is to empower you to create profitable business relationships. All of our networking programs are designed to help you learn the practical skills you need to excel at real-world business networking in the 21st century.

"3 Critical Elements of a Killer Networking Introduction"

You need to connect to build relationships... we can teach you how.

Whether you're brand new to business networking or you have been networking for years our courses and programs help you improve your skills, increase your confidence and boost your ability to build a network naturally and comfortably. Everything we do is based on building Relationships, being Authentic and effectively Telling Your Story.

Networking Ceckup
Connect with Ease
Network with Ease

See what some of our customers say about us...

My experience was pure joy...

I totally enjoyed the Pitch for Success seminar. The material was innovative, spot on and most of all fun. I've had just about every kind of training there is and this was especially useful. The exercise sheets have become constant companions on my desk and in my car!

David ThomasSr. Account Manager
Barbara Ann BeislerCertified Executive Coach

I quickly landed my biggest client yet...

After working with Eric for one afternoon I realized I was going after the wrong customers. Thanks to the concepts and exercises we did I was able to change my focus. Once I did I quickly landed the biggest client I've had yet. Pitch for Success really worked for me.

What you do is like magic...

You start with this concept over here that I don't understand that's been keeping up at night. The next thing I know... viola! You're over there and it makes complete sense to me... I know exactly what to do.

Ashley GoodBusiness Development Consultant

Get Started Now with this Free Report on Creating a Killer Networking Introduction

You can also find out about our upcoming live and online events by clicking the "events" link at the top of the page.

The Problem with the traditional Elevator Speech

Many people still rely on the trusty old elevator speech to do the heavy lifting when they network. Unfortunately relying on this outdated tool can be a trap. While you do need to get people's attention quickly when you  introduce yourself... networking is not all about that first 45 seconds. You need to engage people in actual conversations to find connections. You just can't rely on the one-size fits all script to do the job anymore. An elevator speech is not enough.

  • Reciting a memorized speech often sounds stilted, fake and maybe even cheesy.
  • One introduction can't engage everyone... so what do you do if yours doesn't work?
  • Networking is about having conversations, not about being clever for 45 seconds.
  • A traditional elevator speech isn't appropriate for all situations... think BBQ vs Board Room
  • If you only focus on your introduction you can miss out on the rest of the conversation.

You need a way to engage people that doesn't limit you.

Drop the elevator speech and focus on how to engage people in meaningful conversations.

There is a Method to Our Madness... Learn, Apply and Improve

All Pitch for Success programs use the same method under the hood. It's a process we've developed after years of selling, teaching, presenting and training professionals just like you. This structure underpins all truly effective training.

  1. Learn: It starts with how you learn a new skill. Having concepts explained in simple, easy to understand terms is important. If you can't make sense of it you won't be able to use it in the real world... where it matters the most.
  2. Apply: Once you learn a new skill you have to apply it to real situations. "Use it or lose it" isn't just a saying. Applying your new knowledge immediately is key to retaining information so it's there when you need it for real.
  3. Improve: Once you've begun using new skills it's important to evaluate how you're doing. Looking at what happens when you flex your new knowledge helps you know what to do to improve... so you can move forward.

More praise for Pitch for Success programs

some of our local DC area clients

Kimberly LaFaveCertified Mediator

I hated networking... now it's easy.

I had terrible experiences networking early in my career. It was traumatizing... I never wanted to go to a networking event again. This made it difficult for me to talk to people about what I do. Then I attended a Pitch for Success event and the doors opened.

The techniques I learned have enabled me to meet clients as easily as chatting over a cup of coffee. The emphasis on using story and being conversational were particularly useful to me. Pitch for Success made it easy."

I received $1,000 my first ime speaking...

I knew my subject inside and out, but I lacked confidence in asking for funding for our non-profit. A real problem since that's critical to my job as Executive Director of United Plant Savers. I really enjoyed the time working with Eric and felt that it was a collaborative and engaged process. I now have a powerful presentation that I use in conveying the mission of our small non-profit so we're taken seriously.

At my first presentation after working with Eric I received a $1,000 donation from a man in the audience, on the spot. This was a great surprise and truly a big win for the organization and me too!

Suan Leopold PhDExecutive Director at Small Non-Profit
Kori LordOwner of Property Management Company

You showed me real tools I can use...

I was blown away by Eric's presentation. I saw him in a live workshop and two days later signed up to attend another event he held. I was so impressed I immediately signed up to work with him... on the spot. I've been in business for over 10 years and in just a couple of hours he showed me tools that I didn't even know existed.  Real tools that I can use to grow my business.

Learn how we can help you

make the right connections.

We are happy to talk to you about your business and your team. Contact us using the "Have a Question?" box in the lower right corner of the page. Talk to someone who understands the networking process. Someone who can help you figure out the best course of action to help you...

Stop Winging It and Start Bringing It... Today

We can assist you learn new networking skills and hone your skills you have. We can help focus your team to get those follow-up meetings anywhere, any time in any situation. You CAN network more effectively... we'll help, just ask us how.

Download this Free Report and learn about the "Three Critical Elements of a Killer Introduction"

If you have any questions about the report or Pitch for Success use the "Have a Question?" window to get more info.

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