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Business Networking Has Changed

Are you keeping up… or falling behind?
All professionals network, even if you don’t realize it. You meet people constantly. People who can help you have the career or business you really want. The key is to take advantage of those opportunities to create connections that can develop into relationships…

Connections are the Key
If you’re not really connecting with people when you network, you’re just collecting business cards.

Maybe you feel like you’re not getting results you need? Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re networking effectively. There are so many choices today… meetings, groups, mixers, online sites.

How do you make networking work for you?
This course is about learning how to do more than just collect business cards…
it’s about empowering you to improve your networking skills so you can build profitable relationships faster and easier than ever before.

First Comprehensive Networking Course
Discover how to make professional networking really WORK for you. Not just a series of tips or tricks, but a complete system so you can truly master the business networking process. You’ll learn a new model for meeting people, connecting and creating profitable business relationships… you’ll discover how to effectively network in the 21st century. Network with Ease shows you how to master the entire networking process.

Know the process, know exactly what to do
… anywhere… any time… with anyone.

Improve your ability to connect with other professionals by:

  • Learning a step-by-step method to create interesting introductions based on Hollywood pitching techniques
  • Discovering the 5 Stages of Networking and how to leverage the process to get more connections
  • Creating tools to combat Jargon Overload so anyone can understand what you do, even if they are not in your industry
  • Preparing interesting and engaging conversation material so you know what to do when they say “tell me more”.
  • Conquering nervousness and anxiety about meeting people you don’t know… even if you’re more introverted facing a room full of strangers

Using engaging video lessons and downloadable exercises, this course will empower you to make connections and develop relationships faster than ever before. You’ll master that art of conversation that leads to follow-up meetings… not just rely on small talk to get through an event or meeting.

The course includes the following:

9 Video Lessons to Teach You Powerful Skills and Techniques
Lessons Include the Following Topics:

  • Planning a Powerful Networking Strategy
  • Creating Flexible Introductions
  • What to Say After Your Introduction
  • Using Industry Jargon in Conversations
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Identifying Critical Non-Verbal Communications
  • Mastering Your Delivery
  • Understanding the Networking Process
  • Gracefully Exiting a Conversation

7 Interactive Skill Building Exercises

2 Review Exercises

Stop winging it an start bringing it!

Enroll today and master the art of business networking.
Start meeting the people who can make a different to your business and your career. Discover how to build profitable business relationships today, not tomorrow.

Course Curriculum

NWE Course Introduction 00:00:00
Pre-Course Networking Assessment Unlimited
Networking Basics
The Networking Process Lesson 00:00:00
Network Process Review Unlimited
Planning a Powerful Networking Strategy 00:00:00
Making the Introduction
Creating Flexible Introductions 00:00:00
Industry Jargon Lesson 00:00:00
Managing Nervousness Lesson 00:00:00
Conversation Skills
What to Say After Your Introduction 00:00:00
Body Language Basics Lesson 00:00:00
Body Language Review Unlimited
Practice Techniques Lesson 00:00:00
Gracefully Exiting a Conversation 00:00:00
Course Summary and Wrap Up
NWE Course Wrap Up 00:00:00
Post Course Networking Assessment 00:10:00

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