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Who is Eric Byrd?

Eric L. Byrd is known for developing the 5 Stages of Networking and creating the Network with Ease coaching program. Eric brings 20+ years of sales experience, storytelling expertise as a television producer and screenwriter, and expert training skills honed as a Cisco IT instructor and technology course developer to all his programs and training.

Eric Byrd teaching networkingHe has taught over 6,500 students through his online and live courses since 2012. His relationship focused approach incorporates Hollywood pitching techniques to make learning how to network and present fun and interesting, as well as effective. His programs empowers professionals to succeed. He teaches practical skills using effective, proven business tools to communicate clearly in a world full of noise and confusion.

Eric’s hands-on approach to skill building enables his students to learn quickly, retain information better and have more fun doing it. The Find Your Perfect Client workshop is designed around showing small business owners how to increase profits, compete more effectively and create long term customer relationships by focusing on drawing in the exactly the right clients.

Eric Speaking at James Madison University

Eric teaches participants how to use big business strategic tools in a simple, easy to understand process and apply them to their small businesses.

Eric is an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College and author of The Power of Connections, The Follow-up Formula and the forthcoming book, I Hate Networking, due to release in 2015.

You can subscribe to the Pitch for Success newsletter at www.pitchforsuccess.com/blog  and receive a 30 Second Networking Tip video each week. You can also find out about his other training programs by calling (571) 207-7079.

Follow Eric on Twitter @pitchforsuccess or at Facebook.com/pitchforsuccess.


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